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Welcomes public discussion ahead of upcoming water diversion application hearing

Racine, WI – Foxconn is pleased to see that the public participation process regarding the City of Racine’s water diversion application to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is moving forward.  Foxconn believes that providing citizens with facts about the application is important, and this hearing and public discussion provide a good forum for people to ask questions and learn more about the City’s application and plans.  The approval of the application will be a key part of the infrastructure development that will benefit the job-creating growth that will be associated with our investment and the investments by many other companies that will also be attracted by the development of Wisconsin as a technology manufacturing hub.

Foxconn is fully committed to complying with all appropriate rules and regulations that apply to our operations and to being a responsible corporate citizen.  Environmental sustainability is a priority and that includes compliance with the Great Lakes Compact and Wisconsin’s laws, rules and permitting procedures relating to water quality and wastewater treatment.

As a global leader in sustainable manufacturing practices, Foxconn firmly believes that we have a responsibility to help protect the environment and mitigate against any potential negative impacts of our business on the environment.  All aspects of Foxconn’s business and operations are guided by our Social and Environmental Responsibility Code of Conduct, which sets out Foxconn’s environmental management standards. We take a systematic approach towards integrating green and sustainable practices in our global operations.

Foxconn has introduced and implemented green product designs, process management improvements, energy conservation efforts, carbon reduction programs, energy management systems and supply chain management and other environmental initiatives at all levels of its business.  This is the approach and philosophy that we will bring to our Wisconsin operations.

We will also invest in environmental facilities and capabilities in processing waste, wastewater and emissions at our campus.  This includes reducing water consumption and optimizing water usage, and actively promoting the reuse of wastewater and use of reclaimed water throughout the manufacturing process.  Additionally, we also will invest in facilities to process exhaust gas in line with U.S. emissions standards and will also invest in leading technologies for waste treatment and disposal in compliance with environmental laws and regulations.

Foxconn is committed to working closely with the relevant federal, state and local agencies, Wisconsin academic institutions, our own global experts, and others to ensure that we establish policies and practices that comply fully with all the appropriate environmental regulations.  Our compliance with all relevant regulations and a commitment to uphold the high environmental standards we set for ourselves will be regularly audited by various government agencies and our internal compliance teams.

We respect the public consultation process and value input and will incorporate that input into the development and operation of our new facilities.  This is part of our commitment to be a good corporate citizen and a responsible member of the Wisconsin community.

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